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Audit Services in Brighton

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Though business owners traditionally regard the annual audit and preparation of annual accounts as a cost centre (a necessary evil that adds no value to the business), Brighton Accountants Zantis and Co strive to transform it into a profit centre.

Besides helping you meet the statutory requirements, we also take the opportunity to conduct a review of your financial and management systems. This can often result in our identifying potential problem areas and recommending opportunities to improve your business performance.

Brighton Accountants Zantis and Co discuss the problems and opportunities with you and help you implement any agreed solutions. Our audit approach focuses on understanding your business, and concentrates on the key business and financial risks your company faces. It integrates a risk assessment approach with diagnostic processes and audit testing procedures tailored to the audit needs of your company. This is where true value is added as companies can benefit from the improvement of business prospects for the future.

A well prepare audit can have a considerable positive impact of the following:

  • Provide more company protection and enhance the external image of the company.
  • Provide a reassurance for the company to any potential finance sources.
  • Minimise corporation tax liabilities.
  • Identify savings on VAT.
  • Ensuring the company complies with tax & regulatory duties.
  • Ensures that investors, shareholders and even your own staff are comfortable.

Brighton Accountants Zantis and Co are professional registered Auditors with the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) which guarantees to deliver high-quality audit services. In delivering these services we adhere to the highest standards of independence, ethics, professional objectivity and technical excellence.

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If you are looking for professional registered auditors in Brighton and Hove that can help you company develop its full potential for the future, call Brighton Accountants Zantis and Co for a FREE Initial Consultation today.

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